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    What to do if your dog runs away

    Prevention is always key but sometimes a dog will chase an animal or become disoriented and take off. While we always hope this never happens it does on occasion. Read More–>

  • Chocoura summit marker in leashes

    Eight tips to hike off leash with your dog

    Hiking with your dog is pretty fun – even more fun, sometimes, than hiking with other people. It’s even better when you don’t have to worry about curbing your dog’s enthusiasm with a leash. Read More–>

  • Coyote_vs_Dog

    Coyote interactions: What to do while with your dog

    These guidelines are set in an urban environment, but they are applicable for back country situations as well. It isn’t every week you get to take a hike in a mountainous wild setting, so knowing some facts about the common coyote is very relevant to keeping your pets safe. Read More–>

  • Water Concerns

    Water Concerns

    Giardia cysts are present in some water sources in Maine and New Hampshire as well as many other statesand if ingested can lead to an infection of Giardiasis. Once ingested the protozoan makes their way into the intestine and can cause episodes of diarrhea in both humans and dogs. Read More–>

  • Bear spray is not for human consumption. It makes a funny picture but do not spray yourself or others it is a dangerous substance.

    Bear Awareness

    Bears live in the same places where we hike, camp and build homes. This can be of concern for both humans and bears. If a bear obtains food from a home, campsite, backpack, car or dumpster it will make future attempts to obtain human food. Read More–>

  • Moose Encounters

    Moose Encounters

    Moose are plentiful in the woods and mountains. They are very large creatures and are often unpredictable in nature. Dogs are in the same family as wolves and coyotes, so moose may see them as predators and act aggressively towards them. Read More–>