• Chapel Rock, Mt. Washington obscured by clouds in the background.

    Pine Mountain & Chapel Rock (2,405 feet)

    Via: Pine Mountain Trail up and back 5.4 miles round-trip
    Pine Mountain is located just outside of the downtown Gorham, New Hampshire business district. It is a lower peak, but it offers some fantastic views of Mt. Washington, Mt. Read More–>

  • Mt. Will (1,736 Feet )

    Mt. Will (1,736 Feet )

    Mt. Will is located in the towns of Newry and Bethel in Western Maine. It is a smaller mountain but does have both south and north facing cliffs that offer fantastic views, especially in the winter. There is a three mile loop trail that crosses just below the summit. Read More–>

  • IMG_0885

    What to do if your dog runs away

    Prevention is always key but sometimes a dog will chase an animal or become disoriented and take off. While we always hope this never happens it does on occasion. Read More–>

  • The Kurgo gourd water bottle and bowl

    Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle and Bowl

    After completing a cainicross 5K race last spring the finishing prize was one of these water bottles. It has since become an essential part of my day pack for hiking and climbing. It holds 750 ML of liquid and has a detachable bowl (the darker green bottom) that can hold 8 oz. Read More–>

  • Chocoura summit marker in leashes

    Eight tips to hike off leash with your dog

    Hiking with your dog is pretty fun – even more fun, sometimes, than hiking with other people. It’s even better when you don’t have to worry about curbing your dog’s enthusiasm with a leash. Read More–>