I love to hike with my two dogs as much as I can. I have found that researching hikes in the available literature is not always helpful for my four legged companions. Various trail guides will leave out obstacles, like ladders, rungs and large rock scrambles from their trail descriptions. These are not a huge deal for us humans, but they have proved challenging to my dogs in the past. After numerous hikes where I have had to pick up my 70 pound dog and help him jump over or down a troubling spot, I decided to map out the challenges you may face when hiking with your dog. All of the hikes listed on this web page have been personally hiked by the dogs and myself. I have tried to include as much useful information about potentially challenging spots for dogs as I can, including difficult trails, water availability and tricky rock negotiations.


***Please note that I have been hiking in my backyard in New Hampshire as well as Maine for many years and have training in back country medicine, survival techniques and first aid. Some of the hikes the dogs and I have done I would not recommend for a novice hiker. I have tried to make it clear when this is the case in each of the write ups.***